9 Best Free MP3 Download Sites List

9 Best Free MP3 Download Sites | Free Music Downloading sites List

Prudhvi RajkumarLast Updated On: February 17, 2018

Are you a Musicophile? Do u listen to music when you are bored? Do you love to sing? If yes is the answer, then you always need to download MP3 songs on your device and listen to them, right?. Here in this article, we will provide you with some of the best free MP3 download Sites from which you can download songs easily and free of cost.

9 Best Free MP3 Download Sites List

Music is one of the most trending and leading industries these days, so most of the people are selling music online to earn money online, but finding the latest list of free MP3 download sites exclusively is a bit difficult. We will help you in giving the best list of sites from where you can easily download mp3 songs for free without paying a single penny.

Latest Free MP3 Download Sites List

Out of a huge list of MP3 downloading sites, Techweed has listed the best sites for downloading music to your phones for free.

MP3 skull

The most popular and best site for downloading MP3 songs are MP3 skull. This site is most popular sites as you can download songs online for free with a good audio quality. This website provides you with all the latest songs on the internet to download for totally free.

MP3 skull - Free Music Download website

Mp3skull is a website that provides you with direct download links to MP3 files located on third-party sites so that you can download it from that link for free. This site was founded in 2010 and its popularity is increasing day by day for its wonderful features.


BeeMP3 is an open-source music engine that has nearly millions of songs from classic to trending to pop rock. Almost nearly 10,000 audio files are being added every day by its worldwide community as per the latest updates. You can Download free music online contents from BeeMP3 is very easy. Just enter the song title, hit search and you’re done with the song.

BeeMP3 - Free MP3 downloading site

There is also an option to stream the content or download it directly to your PC or Smartphone. The site is very responsive and you can easily download any type latest MP3 song online with a single click without any kind of problem for free. There are also some other features like Hot Charts and other exciting features that make this site a popular one.


There are many sites from where you can download the MP3 songs. Djraag.net is the one of them where you can download all latest to old Bollywood mp3 songs for free.

DjRaag - Free music Mp3 files download sites

This site is updating every day with amazing features where you can download Bollywood video songs and single track mp3 songs for free.


Mp3Raid is a music downloading site where it organizes all the latest music that has been legally posted on the Internet. The site has an access to more than a million free mp3 downloads and free music downloads all over the internet which makes it one of the best music search engine on the net.

Mp3Raid - Best Mp3 downloading site

You can legally listen to any type of latest or old mp3 file before you download it and you can also post your mp3 on your page for free. This site provides many features like sorting of songs by Artist, Genre.


Soundcloud is one of the most popular sites for downloading MP3 songs for free online. You can easily download the site’s Android app for more ease to download songs online for free. SoundCloud is an online audio distribution and downloading platform based in Berlin, Germany, that enables you to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds freely.

Soundcloud - free music surfing site

With this site, you can discover new and trending music which you will not find anywhere else. You can also connect with friends and your favorite artists to hear what they have shared. Play, pause and skip tracks from lock screen feature is also available.


MP3fusion site has the amazing feature of sorting MP3 songs in Alphabetical order, which makes it very easy if you want to download any kind of songs and you don’t know the exact name of that song.

Mp3fusion - Best Mp3 site

Searching technique for a song has been made easier. This site has a much craze among the users for its simplicity.


This is simple to use the site to download MP3 songs for free. You just need to enter the name of the MP3 song for which you are looking and press enter. It will provide you the download link with the size of the song.

seekasong music downloading site

This is one of the best free mp3 download sites among the list of other sites to download songs free in online. All type of songs is available and all the latest songs are updated every day on this site.


Last.Fm is one of the popular free MP3 download Sites online, this site not only provides you with free music downloads but also has some great free music track.

Last.fm music download site

This site has more than 350 free mp3 downloads yet. You can also sort free mp3 downloads by the artists as well. Last.fm offers a whole series of free MP3 music download from unknown artists from all genres.


This site is the most beautiful site to listen to tracks and to download MP3 files. The user interface of this site is very simple. It’s basically a music library as well as an Online MP3 player for you.

Epitonic.com - free mp3 download site

You can even create your playlist on this site, by creating an account on this site by signing up.


From this article, you got a list of best downloading MP3 music for free. You do not need to search for any other sites as the best sites are mentioned here. Hope you will get a clear idea now! Enjoy the music by downloading free MP3 songs in online. In the above article, there are some sites which will let you download MP3 songs directly to your phone.

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