Best Funny Prank Calls Apps For Android

Best Funny Prank Calls Apps For Android | Become A Master Prankster

Prudhvi RajkumarLast Updated On: March 2, 2018

Funny Prank Calls Apps For Android – Love watching Prank videos on youtube and facebook?  Want to prank some of your friends in a similar way? Yes, then you have got some prankster blood in you and this post might help you get started with your first prank.

Best Funny Prank Calls Apps For Android

Android phones have everything in it. From work to entertainment you would be able to do everything on it. But what if you want to have some fun? If you’re a prankster, wouldn’t you use your phone to play pranks on your friends? Yes, I am talking about prank calls. You can use prank calls apps to play a prank. These prank call apps use real phone numbers to prank call.


Best Funny Prank Calls Apps For Android To Fool Your Friends

Funny Prank calls apps on Android are apps which allow us to make a fake call to your friends, and the number won’t be visible to your friends. These apps can be used just for fun as to prohibit illegal use they track all calls. So, to make your prank a little easy we have prepared a list of Best Funny prank calls apps for Android devices to make you a master in pranking.

Top 6 Funny and wacky prank calls app

Fake a call free

Fake a call free is one of the best prank calling apps. This app allows you to prank your friends by making fake calls to them with a different identity. It has two versions of free and paid version. In the paid version, you will get some extra scripts and voices. The benefit of this version will be that it won’t show ads. In the free version, you will get normal options for changing your voice. Moreover, You will get options to set your own ringtone at recipient’s end.

Fake a call free

We would recommend you to go for free version as it is enough for a good prank call. This Funny Prank Calls Apps For Android allows you to make a call to yourself too. It will automatically use your contacts so that you can schedule your prank calls whenever you want.

Prank Dial

Another name in the list of best prank call apps for android is Prank Dial. The app provides you option of choosing from more than 150 prank calls where new pranks are added regularly. You will get 3 free prank calls a day. With its vast list of hilarious recordings, you can make choice according to your want like “why you call my girlfriend” or “You hit my car”. You can use these recordings to prank your friends and family. You can save your prank calls in your prank call history.

Prank Dial

The best part of the Prank Dial app is that it sounds like real person thus, your pranks won’t look fake. It has a user-friendly interface also comes with good design. It has automatic calling option too where all you need to do is select the person you want to call, and it will schedule your call. It allows you to listen to the reactions which you can share with your friends to have fun.

Fake call Prank

Fake call prank is a good prank call app where you will get both features SMS and calling. Yes, you heard it right. You can send fake messages to your friend. A prank would be easier for you on SMS chat. You can fool your friends whenever you like by either calling or SMS with this app. One of the best features of the app is that you don’t need an internet connection to make a prank call.

App offers you to record your own voice or choose from its database, which you can schedule to play whenever you receive a call. It allows you to set multiple calls from your contacts at different timing. You will get this app for free so don’t wait for more to download it.

Prank Pack

As the name suggests this app is a pack of different interesting pranks. Prank pack will offer you some pranks which cannot be found in any other app, this is a speciality that qualifies it in the list of best prank call apps for android. In its prank collection, you will from find 6 free pranks and 7 paid pranks. Paid pranks can be unlocked either by paying it or earning virtual currencies by watching ads and videos.

The free pranks include- Farting camera, Whoopee/Fart cushions, laugh tracks, cracked screen prank, scissors, and hair clipper. Furthermore, in paid version, you will get thermometer, emergency call, finger scanner, Blood pressure monitor, blue screen of death, radiation detector and detector.

Prankster Best Prank Call App

This prank call app allows you to select from more than 50 pranks where it gets updated with new ones regularly. Just select your favorite scenario and prank your friends. You can easily select the number from contact list or use your dial pad to enter a new one. This is one of the best free prank calls unlimited.

Prankster Best Prank Call App

The popular scenarios of the app are “calling my girlfriend is not advised”, “a call from the committee for driving stupidity”, “look behind you” etc. It also allows you to make calls to numbers from different area codes. It is easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. The app has got good ratings and reviews. This app lets you hear the recorded reactions of the recipients which will be a fun to share with your pals.

Fake call 2

Fake call 2 is another app that provides you good options for making a fake call. This app allows you to set your own ringtone and schedule time you want to make calls. Not only this, the app has an option to add your own image to fake a call identity.

The app creates a fake caller I’d number, name, and image, which makes the recognition almost impossible. You can thus easily fool your friends with these fake numbers. The feature also lets you prank a celebrity call. You will get the option to add prank call voices and remove it.


These were the best prank calls apps for Android which you can use to prank your friends without being detected. These apps will let you have lots of fun by pranking friends with different voices or on different topics. Some of them have paid version too, but their free version has a lot more which minimizes the need for the paid version. So, What are you waiting for? Download your favorite app and have fun.

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