This video is not available in your country

This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Fix [Working Methods]

PradeepLast Updated On: February 17, 2018

Everyone loves to watch videos in their spare time but the uploader has not made this video available in your country. YouTube is one of the best online video watching platforms where you get all the latest and oldest videos. In some cases, there are some restrictions like “This Video Is Not Available In Your Country”. Today Techweed will discuss how to solve this problem easily and thus it will help you in watching videos without any

This video is not available in your country

YouTube is the best and popular video search engine with all its amazing features like free to use, easy to share, free to upload videos, but with some privileges like videos are free to watch by anyone and videos can be only uploaded by registered users. In some cases, you might have faced the problem of displaying an error message that This Video Is Not Available In Your Country.

This problem occurs due to the restrictions of governments or channels to make the video available for only a particular country and making rest of the countries unavailable to watch the video and thus displays the message “This video is not available in your country”.


How to solve This Video Is Not Available In Your Country in seconds

Let’s see various ways to solve the issue of ‘this video is not available in your country’ as it restricts you to watch videos online. We have given you some ways which will help you to solve the issue and help you in watching videos without any problem.

Using VPN

Using VPN is one of the easiest methods to fix the error while watching videos yet most effective as well. It’s easy to use this method by just following the below guide. We will use PD Proxy VPN, but you can also use any VPN of your choice (Make sure that you select best one with high-speed servers).

  • Initially, Download PD Proxy and get a premium account of PD Proxy.
  • Next, Select any server and Click on Connect. (Select server based on country in which the video is available).
  • Just, Visit that video page and enjoy the video now without any restriction.

Hola extension

This is a new method to watch restricted videos on YouTube by popular
extension which is known as Hola Extension. We have provided you with the best to show you how to fix the videos that are not available in your country error by creating a simple tutorial. So, follow steps carefully and solve the error.

Hola Extension - Unblock youtube videos

Basically, Hola is an extension which changes your IP location for free, so
that you watch location that restricts YouTube videos for free.

  • Make sure that you have downloaded Hola Extension and have activated it
    properly. Download Hola Extension for Chrome or Firefox or any other search engine.
  • Open, the URL of YouTube video which you are unable to access as it is
    showing the error.
  • Now, Click on Hola Extension icon which is located above the Bookmarks bar.
  • Once, you have clicked on Hola Extension icon, you will see some different country flags there.
  • Select, the country in which the video is available from there, and Reload the page.
  • Now you can watch the video easily by following the above simple method.

Bypass YouTube restriction

This method can solve the error ‘this video is not available in your country’ android fix. Downloading the YouTube videos that are blocked in your country will be a solution for this error.

As watching the video will charge the same data as you download that video, it would be better you download to watch later when you’re in offline.

Here are steps to download YouTube Video’s

  • If the blocked video URL you want be,
  • Just remove the part http://www. and enter ss before
  • It will look something like this
  • Click on the download button there and select the video quality and you can see that the video is getting downloaded.
  • By this, you can download and watch the videos in offline without getting any error in the middle.

Modify URL method

This is one of easiest and simple method to unblock any YouTube Videos of your country. By doing this, you can watch online videos without any restrictions or errors.

Just follow methods to watch videos without any restrictions:

  • First of all, you need to open any video which is blocked in your country.
  • Then, You have to do some modifications in the URL of the YouTube Video
    for safe watching.
  • Simply, you need to replace /watch?v= with /v/.
  • Now, you can open this URL and enjoy the unblocked YouTube video which
    is blocked in your country without any problem.
  • Bypass YouTube country. By doing some modifications in URL you can watch them safely.

Proxy fix

This method is one of the quickest fixes of this error that occurs when you watch online video. As we know that video uploader sometimes restricts video to a specific country.

YouTube proxies

So, using YouTube Proxies of that country, you can easily access the videos for free. This method is much similar to VPN method, but in this method, there is no need to install any additional software of VPN.

  • You just need to use, YouTube proxies in any browser (Firefox is much
  • You can get YouTube proxies from sites as well from free proxy’s list page.


Hope this video will help you to watch blocked YouTube videos online. It will also solve errors like videos not available in your country play store. Start using the above methods and fix blocked videos in your country online. Hope you liked our article and understood the ways on how to watch blocked youtube videos in your country!

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