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Techweed is a blog who’s main motive is to keep technology enthusiasts aware with all the latest updates about the latest Internet products and tech news.

We focus on providing our readers with quality information, such as tutorials, technological life hacks, Internet, Mobile, Apps, and many more.

Our Story :

Techweed blog started in November 2016. Basically a common dream of 4 common tech enthusiasts who just completed their engineering and wanted to explore the industry of blogging by helping people at the same time.

techweed whole team

We strive every day to make Techweed informative and useful as possible.

The Team :

Venkatesh Geddam

Venkatesh | TechweedVenkatesh is a Software Engineer by education and a full-time kickass CPA/Digital marketer by passion from Annavaram, Andhra Pradesh. His love towards tech and internet grew when he started repairing computers and solving software bugs while studying in college. His passion lies in Research, Creative marketing strategies, Ethical hacking, SEO, and CPA. If not tech industry he would have become a chef somewhere.

If you ever meet him in person do taste his hand cooked chicken

Rahul Jha

Rahul Jha | Techweed

Rahul hails from Bhagalpur, Bihar. He is a mechanical engineer but his love towards the Internet and blogging attracted him to pursue digital marketing as a full-time career. His interests lie in SEO, CPA and Fb ads. Loves to learn new languages and making friends from different places.

Apart from all of these he is a die-hard GOT fan and always keeps using dialogues from that show in his day to day life.

Pradeep Bommana

Pradeep | Techweed

Pradeep comes from Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh. He is a Software engineer and works currently as a professional UI developer for a tech firm in Hyderabad. He is the most energetic, cheerful and slimmest guy among us. The current design of Techweed blog is one of his creation. He plays a very important role at Techweed as he is our one-stop destination for all our technical and development related problems. A very hard working and dedicated person with an amazing humor at the same time. Give him beer and internet and he can survive anywhere.

He also possesses a supernatural ability to eat anything he wants and never grow his tummy.

Prudhvi Rajkumar

Prudhvi Rajkumar | Techweed

Prudhvi is Software engineer from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh who currently works as a Software Quality Analyst for a tech firm in Hyderabad. He is the kind of guy who prefers fewer words and more action. One of the most mature, focused and the sensible guy in the team who speaks when it is really needed. He always keeps himself updated with the latest news, updates, and thing going around. He loves to cook and travel to peaceful locations in his free time.

His mom is probably the best Prawns curry maker

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