[Free Method] How to watch cartoons online in HD for free

[Free Method] How to watch cartoons online in HD for free

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: February 11, 2018

Remember Tom and Jerry ?? Cartoons are not only for kids but for all age group people. The most interesting part will be if we get to watch cartoons online in HD for free without any trouble. Today here, we will be discussing how to watch cartoons online in HD for free.

[Free Method] How to watch cartoons online in HD for free

Everyone wants to get back to their childhood and there is nothing to panic yet as watching cartoons brings them to relive their childhood days. Along with watching movies and listening music everyone loves to watch cartoons no matter what the age is!

But what if you are not in front of the TV or you are somewhere outside your home, still want to watch your cartoons show or cartoon movies? You can either download cartoon series or watch cartoon online. The downloading process might take time due to a slow internet connection and it is not more likely.

While you search for cartoons online on internet, you will find some sites which will require payment process for watching cartoons online. There are also some sites which do not require any type of payment for watching them. Here, you will get top 7 sites which will help you in surfing cartoons for free in HD without any payment or downloading the series. You can watch cartoons for free without paying anything.


Top 7 sites to watch cartoons online free in HD:

  • YouTube:

YouTube is the best sites for all kind of online videos like cartoons, movies, TV shows etc. YouTube.com is known for having thousands of videos meeting up all your requirements in a single place.

YouTube - Watch cartoons for free

Here you can find any type of show as well as your favorite cartoon series in HD. To watch any cartoon show on YouTube, you just need to type the name of cartoon you would like to watch in the search box at the top. After typing, you will be navigated to that cartoon show.

You can also see some other similar type of cartoons in the sidebar as a suggestion.

  • Disney Junior:

You can watch all Disney cartoons shows online here and without any payment. Disney cartoons with HD quality are displayed here and it is most liked by all age groups.

Disney cartoons shows online

The user interface in Disney Junior is very sweet and attractive. You will really enjoy searching your favorite cartoon on the homepage as there will be some small pictures of cartoon characters displayed and you just need to tap on the one you like and you will see the series of shows with the particular character you liked.

  • Anime center:

Anime Center is another amazing site for watching anime shows online for free. Searching anime shows on this site is very easy and simple. On the homepage of Anime center, you can find a new episode of the anime and recently added series on the internet.

Anime center : Watch cartoons for free

The video quality of movies and videos is very good and audio quality is also very good on this particular site. The site provides dubbed movies too. So that everyone can enjoy this anime site from any part of the world.

  • ToonJet:

ToonJet is one of the most popular websites to watch quality cartoon videos online for free. You can also watch classic cartoon series like Betty Boop, Popeye, Looney Tunes and many more.

ToonJet free cartoons online

You can watch cartoons online for free without any registration here. But if you want to have some other additional options, you just need to sign up and you can have them all. By Signing up you can get your own profile page, you can also comment on cartoons and rate them accordingly.

  • SuperCartoons:

SuperCartoons is another interesting website which will provide you all types of cartoons you want to watch for free with HD quality service. In this site, you can watch more than one thousand classic cartoons online for free without any payment process.

SuperCartoons online free

Watching cartoon in SuperCartoon is very simple. You just need to find a cartoon by its character (Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, etc) and by tapping on the characters or you can also choose a cartoon from your favourite studio (Walt Disney, Disney, Warner Bros, etc) by tapping on Studios. Finally, you can watch them in SuperCartoons online for free in HD.

  • Hulu:

Hulu is a site known for its interesting and effective features as it allows you to watch Cartoon in a legal site for free. It provides you with HD and high-quality videos without any problem for free and this makes it more likely to use by the children.

Hulu Cartoon surfing online

But the drawback in this is that there is an issue that it isn’t accessible in all parts of the world which excludes countries like the UK, US etc. For this, you have to use VPN. By using VPN you can easily access Hulu to watch cartoon online for free.

  • Cartoons8:

If you are very much interested in cartoons, then Cartooons8 is the best place for you where those fun, exciting series are waiting. In this site, you will find subtitled and dubbed cartoons which allow you to watch cartoons in all language.

Cartoons8 watch for free

Watching online cartoon is easy by registering on the Cartoons8 and you can also share Cartoons8 with your friends so that they can also enjoy.

Conclusion :

With this article, you will find it easy to search sites that will provide you to watch cartoons online for free in HD. Select the site you like and start watching your favorite cartoon show online for free. Hope you have liked our article and have got a clear idea about how to watch cartoons online for free in HD.

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