Best (VCC) Virtual Credit Card India To Perform International Payments virtual credit cards

Best (VCC) Virtual Credit Card India To Perform International Payments

Prudhvi RajkumarLast Updated On: March 4, 2020

Virtual credit card India – VCC which stands for Virtual Credit Card are simply online or virtual cards which works exactly like your debit or credit cards. You can use these virtual credit cards to make online payments easily.

Virtual Credit Card India

Sometimes a lot of freelancers and people in India who make international transactions face issues with their normal debit and credit cards that is the reason why they need to use Virtual credit cards to make hassle-free transactions.


Top 10 Instant Virtual Credit card India Service Providers

So here is the list of current top 10 working virtual credit card suppliers in India. Go through this post completely to get the list of best Virtual credit card India providers and get working virtual credit card for international payments easily.

1. Pockets Wallet (ICICI Bank)

It is the exclusive service offered by ICICI bank, one of the biggest scheduled commercial bank. You need not be an ICICI customer; you just have to sign in. You will be offered a virtual credit card to make payments across India. You will be amazed to hear that they offer you the tangible card linking to the wallet on a minimal fees payment option. So that you can use them offline as well on various stores to purchase. You will come across various offers during your usage and you can avail the benefit. pocket wallet

2. M-Clip by Bank of Baroda

This is one of worth using service of government-aided bank BOB. To facilitate its customer’s bank has launched this virtual feature with outstanding offers available to you. It offers you a prepaid visa card which you can use while paying for any online merchant across the country. But the pre-condition is to have at least 1 rupee in the wallet. This of course not a huge amount in comparison to the services offered. Mclip-By-Bank-of-Baroda

3. Lime Wallet by Axis Bank

This is the similar version if ICICI bank’s service. Lime Wallet is offered by the private giant Axis Bank. You can use the offered Virtual credit card which is supported by MasterCard but you are not allowed to transact in the international market. Although this card is not yet available for usage bank is planning to full fledge operation card soon. This will indeed give staunch competition to ICICI and BOB services. Lime Wallet

4. FreeCharge’s Go MasterCard

FreeCharge is a big name in itself when it comes to recharge and bill payment facility and it has launched it’s virtual card some time ago. Although the freecharge virtual card is unavailable for some time and there is no clue when it will come back. Although, no notification of termination of this service has been received yet. Freecharge Go Mastercard

The FreeCharge is now owned by the e-commerce giant Snapdeal. Its free virtual card is powered by Yes Bank and can be used across the country with any of the payment merchants. You just have to make an account of FreeCharge and choose the Go Master Card and enter a 4 digit PIN.

It is perhaps the only mobile wallet company which will give you the virtual credit card. So, it has expanded the FreeCharge’s operational area. You can also avail cash back options. You can also use paytm virtual credit card with the same trick.

5. Udio

It is another mobile wallet provider which launched virtual prepaid card. Its best feature is you can avail an offer or cash back almost all the time on the purchase of food and beverage. It is supported by RBL Bank and you can avail all the offers given by the bank. It is similar to ICICI in features and offers visa virtual credit card international. After giving a nominal fee you can also have a physical card so that you can shop offline as well. The various promotional features by the RBL Bank is the attractive feature. Udio wallet

6. Slonkit

It does not offer the intangible card but you can go for one of the best physical cards and Virtual Credit Card India as well. I am mentioning it here because it is really a good deal. It is targeted to the parents with young children. This is a card with expanded features like mobile recharge, utility bill payment and many more. I won’t say it is best but it is a worth having app. Slonkit

7. Payzapp (HDFC Bank)

It is one of the finest banks with all-time favorite deals. A lot of offers are waiting for you. It can offers tie-up with major e-commerce sites. After downloading you just have to enter the mobile number. This easy to use wallet comes along with the exciting offers which are the USP of HDFC bank. This is exclusively helpful for those who believe in “cash-less” services. Best (VCC) Virtual Credit Card India To Perform International Payments payzapp

8. DigiPurse by Union Bank

Union Bank of India came with another option along with great services. It is UPI based it is a simple virtual credit card. But you will not find any major offer provided by the bank. All in all an average service by an average bank. You can use this just to decrease your default transaction in the debit card else it doesn’t have any striking or unique feature. Digipurse


It is a service provided by DBS Bank. You just have to register your mobile number and instantly get a wallet and VISA virtual Debit card. It is ready to upload your money and use it while shopping and payment anywhere else. It is applicable to all merchants across the country. The most admirable feature is you can convert your wallet into bank account instantly and you don’t have to visit a bank branch. You can have an account instantly and digitally. Best (VCC) Virtual Credit Card India To Perform International Payments Digibank

10. Zeta by RBL Bank

It is the virtual credit card with a changeable PIN or dynamic PIN. It is the feature which Zeta owns exclusively. You can also have your MasterCard for on-store or offline transactions. You just have to download the Zeta app and have your Unique PINs generated. The offline card has many diverse features than the online one. You can use this on any e-POS machine across the country and don’t worry if you don’t remember your PIN; you can have a new one always. New PINs for a new transaction! Best (VCC) Virtual Credit Card India To Perform International Payments Zeta By RBL Bank


So, there were a few Virtual Credit Card India to make your transactions easy and go cashless. You just have to register on one of these virtual credit card providers in India for anyone of them and start availing the benefits. No more queues to get the card now. You have all these digitally now. You can opt for either of them or use virtual credit card India PayPal as well. Many are forwarded by the full-fledged banks and many are from other online service providers. They will definitely make your shopping experience wonderful.

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