Apps Like Siri For Android Phone

10 Virtual Assistant Alternative Apps Like Siri For Android Phone

PradeepLast Updated On: February 27, 2018

Apps Like Siri For Android Phone | Best Virtual Assistant Apps For Android – Best Apart from luxurious looks and striking features, what makes an Apple gadget- The Apple gadget? It’s Siri the virtual assistant which is ready to help you throughout your day and just a moment away. But everybody can neither afford the Apple gadgets or a personal assistant which are “in reach of the rich”.

Apps Like Siri For Android Phone

So, technology always unearths a way to serve the middle class- gone are the days when AI market was a monopoly of Apple Inc. Now there are many Siri alternatives for Android which are affordable and easier to use. Now, one can get a helping hand in daily tasks with Android gadgets as well.

Best Virtual Assistant Apps Like Siri for Android Phone

Here are some amazing and easy to handle Personal voice assistant apps Like Siri For Android Phone that can make you lead a simplified and hassle-free life:


On the top of the list is the Cortana with 1-5 million installations. From the pocket of Microsoft Corporation, it is also a good deal on android 4.4 and up.

Cortana - best virtual assistant

Pros: Reminder based on location, notes, taking care of tasks, managing your calendar etc.

Cons: Creepy- Lust for your data.

With current version, I would rate it 4.3/5.

Google App

With android requirement 6.0 and up this is the second amazing virtual apps like Siri for Android phone. It can help you with a list of works. Not much different from its rivals but worth giving a thought.

Google App

Pros: Receive updates on news, take a selfie, navigates through places etc.

Cons: Less “human parity” in voice command.

A 4.1 out of 5 worthy app!


Another wearable support with clear voice assistance and can be accessed from locked screen with just a tap. It also controls settings- turning on wi-fi etc. You can set its working hours and can be controlled with the help of a smartwatch- Help is handy! Let me call it an interactive and amazing app.

Jarvis - apps like siri

Pros: Can attach reminder to a particular contact.

Cons: It only supports English language.

With 4.1 out of 5 score it can be a good deal.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

For artificial intelligence lovers, it is a hot app which can be personalized to start your journey in the virtual world. It can perform nearly all tasks done by other virtual assistant apps like Siri for Android phone. It can submit Facebook posts and can tweet on your behalf. Its “attentive Mode” makes it more stunning.This can be used an a Siri alternative.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Pros: You are its sole owner- your voice is the ultimate command, no one else can operate.

Cons: Can be used only without lifting the finger- more manual work.

4 out of 5 marks for the Dragon!

Robin Voice Assistant

With great navigation features, it assists you in parking your vehicle while eyeing on road. It is called the “Challenger of Siri” Apart from navigation features it is not at all comparable to talkative Siri. It not only responds to your gestures but also learns from you and remembers your frequent requirements.

Robin Voice Assistant

Pros: Good for local information and navigation.

Cons: Nothing as such.

It can be rated between 3.8 to 4 out of 5.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

If you want more human parity, this one is for you. Here is the personal assistant who reads headlines, play music, crack jokes and many more. Up to the mark, does not beat around the bush and can be called intelligent one. Home button can be used to access the app.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Pros: More human parity with the voice.

Cons: More informal conversation.


More specific, more choices for your question, more regional! Just enter the ZIP Code and weather forecast is ready. Cute app with simplified chat robot system.


Pros: Nothing as such.

Cons: You have to type the question you want to ask, it cannot send text messages.

It can be rated 3 out of 5.

Data Bot Assistant

It is more a voice robot which is learning the human way of life. Not much interesting, it is just doing the monotonous task of responding to your voice command with silly answers. Not at all a good alternative to Siri which is more interactive and intelligent.

Pros: There is nothing positive about it.

Cons: Not evolved enough to serve the need of an intelligent customer.

With a score of 2.5 out of 5, not a good option.

Utter BETA

Yes! It works offline. Maybe the only one category of virtual assistant apps Like Siri For Android Phone which provide its services without an internet connection. Without a user interface but working with much speed. Just a wave and utter is all ears! But it is not matching the user expectations who have a prior experience of Siri, Google App or Cortana.

Utter BETA

Pros: Offline usage.

Cons: Not a virtual assistant actually!

Can be rated 2.5 out of 5. Poor score though!

Pocket Assistant

Some blonde girls always feel happy to help you. Not a great deal and can be called worst in the category. It is just designed to have fun. Your virtual girlfriend- blonde, smart and with great looks even helps you to dress up! Woahh! But an intelligent and professional user won’t appreciate it much. This is one of the entertaining apps like Siri for Android phone.

Pocket Assistant

Pros: Fun unlimited.

Cons: Not of much help.

With the lowest rating of 2 out of 5.


In the end, whatever app you like, none is much different from another. But the data security should not take a back seat while using artificial technology. So, it is advisable to use celebrated and highly rated apps. In our daily life, the virtual assistants are making their space rapidly and improving the quality of life. In this highly fast and metropolitan life, these technologies not only making the things handy but also providing us the opportunity to save our time.

With the help of a virtual assistant apps like Siri for Android Phone, one can enjoy the life in the internet-dependent world. Whether it is comparing the price of any commodity or asking about the suitable holiday destination, your personal assistant is ready with more than dozens of choices. Be ready to enjoy the world of luxury and get an assistant now!

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