Best Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor | Open Source HTML Editor Online wysiwyg

Best Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor | Open Source HTML Editor Online

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: January 22, 2024

Best Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor – Having the free HTML editors can bring out huge benefits to the web designers. They come up with WYSIWYG editing options which add huge speed to the web amendments. The wizard and functions are flexible in nature which makes it easier to access the website.

best free WYSIWYG html editor

The website editing the help of free online HTML Editor is so much fun. You can do it all in a hassle-free way and add next level efficiency to your work. Without spending much time in coding, the web designers can generate entire applications.


Benefits of Using Best Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor Online

  • Makes it easier to navigate a particular site.
  • Convenient webpage generation.
  • Allow the user to generate XHTML and CSS features time effectively.
  • The server side included several editors allows the user to customize the features of the websites.
  • Web designers and generate borders, images, alters background and integrate tables in the required way with no time wastage.

The ones who were handy and experienced with coding particularly the ones you enjoyed the job of web designers. However with the best WYSIWYG HTML Editor free, one can create websites efficiently.

Best Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor Online | HTML Text Editor

The main priority for every web designer is to alter the integrations of the website without getting indulged in the complicated coding task. And that is the reason why text editors have come to the choice. Let’s know what all they are –

Nice Edit

The alternate for more complex WYSIWYG editors that comes with several expected features and conveniently allows you to manage your website.

Tiny MCE

Yet another best free WYSIWYG HTML editor that conveniently customizes plugins and themes by giving world-class experience to the web designers. It exactly works light MS Word and is based on JavaScript.

CK Editor

Wish to give a rich look to your website? Rely on the market leader that aims to give high performing websites and give exact features that open office and MS Word provide.

Yui rich text editor

One of the best free WYSIWYG HTML editor from Yahoo that makes it functional and evacuates any kind of complexity and managing the website. With Limited features, the editor gives you choicest editing options.

YUI Editor


The Mozilla project is a standalone internet applications suite that comes embedded with file transfer protocol for publicizing the web pages. It integrates email, newsgroup client and web browser besides the basic web page editing options.

SeaMonkey Editor


The WYSIWYG editor validates HTML by structuring your documents appropriately. It helps you in exaggerating the appearance of your documents and understanding DOM. With so many features, Amaya deserves a green flag from every web designer that works with W3C standards.

Amaya Editor


The list of best free WYSIWYG HTML editor is incomplete without mentioning the popular Kompozer editor that is based upon Mozilla platform. The building FTP provides best web hosting options and is absolutely free of cost.

Kompozer Editor


Commendable WYSIWYG editor that is preferably a text editor is a good choice if you want to have free HTML Editor at your disposal. The site manager allows quick glance of the website while you are building it. Additionally, it has advanced CSS support, XML support and built-in validator for coded XHTML editing and WYSIWYG altering options.

NVU Editor

Trellian webpage

One of the finest and the most affordable WYSIWYG and HTML Editor that come with image editing option is highly customizable and flooded with several features. The SEO toolkit is the main feature of this particular editing tool.

Trellinian Webpage


The smartphone web page editor for Windows is a professional editor for all the web designers that do not require any special maintenance or expenditure in using it. However, it has Limited features which do not make it a good option for the web designers.

Xstandard lite

The HTML Editor has an inbuilt webpage. the light version is commercially available for the web designers and does not comes with any cost. The features are many but do not include extensibility, spell checking, and customization. This is one of the easiest to use best wysiwyg html editor.

Xstandard Editor

Dynamic HTML Editor

The free HTML Editor is much more versatile than any paid version. it is particularly free for the personal and nonprofit website. People who are absolutely reluctant to learn anything new apart from fundamentals file transfer for creating the web pages can always rely on this tool.


Available for Mac PC at a price of $99, the tool works absolutely fine and offers from web editor and features. The polished templates and a huge variety of them site widget are absolutely manageable with the mouse click. The inbuilt site manager allows convenient publishing of multiple websites.

Adobe Dreamweaver

The real diamond when it comes to finding WYSIWYG editors. Available since 1997, the software offers several editing options so that you don’t have to struggle with the coding. You can easily switch over to your previous work while using the software. The extensive editing tool has numerous commercial plugins and dozens of free features. It supports image galleries, shopping carts and their effects for the best of editing options.

Adobe Dreamweaver

How to select the best free WYSIWYG HTML Editor?

Selecting a particular editor is all upon your requirement and flexibility offered by the software. Also, the user needs to consider features, pricing and licensing. till date, Dreamweaver has been one of the best free WYSIWYG HTML editors for the programmers. the Immediate completion of tags adds efficiency to the designers. However, you need to pay a particular sum of money to acquire it.

If you are creating websites on a Mac PC, TextMate is the best choice for you. With dozens of programming languages and syntax highlighting, it is the finest editor for extended functions. Also, it brags about file transfer protocol for handling multiple tabs, code Syntax and compilers.


With so many HTML editors launched in the market, it’s difficult to find out the best one. Few other free HTML text editors are coffeecup HTML editor, froala editor, atom text editor, c++ text editor, sublime text editor.

We have selected WYSIWYG HTML editor open source as the best one. However, you can always refer the web designer reviews and rating for reaching out the best pick.

Thank you 🙂

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