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How To Delete Kik Account | Deactivate Kik Account Permanently (Step By Step)

PradeepLast Updated On: May 11, 2020

How to delete Kik account – Kik Messenger is one of the most used messaging applications throughout the world. It has reached 100 million downloads in a short span of time and became one of the best instant messenger applications. It is available for smartphones & works with both Android and iOS.

In Addition, the Instant Kik Messaging app interface is simple to use and allows its users to connect with strangers or groups by its search functionality. Connecting with strangers or unknown groups causes harm to your account by receiving spammy messages or Media Content.

This application is also having more number of fake accounts which spreads spammy messages to people. To get out of this problem users no longer wanted to use this app on their Smartphone or PC. So for those people who are very much frustrated with Kik messenger, we at Techweed have written down the process to Deactivate or Delete Kik Account Permanently.


What is Kik Messenger & why use it?

Kik messenger is one of the most likely used text messenger and it was started in 2010. It will connect you with your friends, family, and able to share Images, Videos etc., online. Popularity & Usage of this application is high, mostly teenagers are interested to use this application as an alternative for e-mail and as a social network to connect with people. By simply giving the email and password you can create an account in Kik Messenger application.

The best features available in Kik messenger are

Delete Kik Account

  • Can invite your friends to Kik Messenger.
  • Able to do Video Chat with Loved ones.
  • Users are able to create groups of members on Kik Messenger.
  • Sending Multimedia Data.

Cons of Using Kik Messenger:

  • The account will not be closed permanently even after canceling the account. 

How to Delete Kik Account traces/Media/Messages permanently with Single Click

It would be good to delete Kik account traces like Media/Messages etc., from your Phone after deleting Kik account. For this we came up with an application named dr.fone – Data Eraser that will help you in erasing the Kik Messenger Traces.

The Product dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS) removes all your Kik app data with a single click. Follow the simple steps below to erase the data from your phone.

Application Launch:

How to Delete Kik Account

Download the Dr.Fone Application here and Install it on your PC or Laptop. Launch the Application and select the Data Eraser Option.

Establish a Connection:

In this move, You have to connect your mobile to the PC or Laptop with USB Cable. Generally mobile asks about the trusted connection when you connect to a PC and Accept the trusted connection to proceed further.

Deactivate Kik Account

As soon as your device connected to Dr.Fone Application it shows the options available “Erase All Data, Erase Private Data & Free Up Space”. The default option selected will wipes out all the data on your phone. Now, select “Erase Private data” as you are here to delete Kik Account Data.

how to delete your kik account

Examine Private Data:

how do i delete my kik account

In this step, you need to select the area that needs to be scanned to go further in the Permanent deletion of the Kik Account data Process. Press “Start” to scan the private data on your Phone.

Select the Data for Deletion:

can you permanently delete a kik account

Last but not the least, select the data on your screen to erase after Scanning the Mobile for Private Data.

permanently delete kik account

Complete the process:

In the final step, Confirm that you will be going to delete Kik account data permanently by entering “000000” in the input box and click “Erase Now” Button.

how to delete kik account on phone

In this process your device will get restarted several times and Make sure your device should be connected to the PC while the process is going on.

what happens if you delete your kik account

A completion message “Deleted Kik Account data Permanently” will be displayed on your PC Screen as soon as the process ended.

Temporary and Permanent Deactivation

Temporary Deactivation means that It will stop getting Kik Messages & Emails from your account till you reactivate the account. Things that includes in temporary deactivation are Your Username will not be searchable, Your account name will be deleted from your contacts. But You can reactivate the Kik account by signing into it again.

Permanent Deactivation is like deleting the account forever. That means you won’t get the account back and not able to register the Kik account with the same email ID in the future as well. So, You need to use a different email ID to create a new Kik Account.

Get rid of Spammy content and irrelevant media on your Kik account and want to take control over your Kik account or Your Child’s Account? Some of the applications on the phone made it difficult to uninstall or delete but what about Kik messenger on Your Phone?. We will show you the process of removing the popular Instant messaging App or how to deactivate Kik account easily.

How to Delete Kik account from your Smartphone

In order to deactivate/delete your Kik account, you need to log out of the application first. Below are the steps to log out of the KIK messenger.

  1. Open the Kik app on your iOS/Android device.
  2. Select the Gear icon on the top right corner of the screen, now you will be able to see your profile id and picture.
  3. Here you need to select your account and then select logout.

Deactivate Kik account | Kik Messenger account Deactivation Process

Kik messenger team has considered the users who want to stay away from Kik messenger for a while and came up with an option to temporarily disable their Kik messenger account. All that you need to do is to follow the below 2 simple steps.

  1. Open in a web browser.
  2. Here you need to enter your Kik registered email id and select “GO”.
  3. You will be getting a deactivation link to your registered email id. Now just follow the link and its done.

deactivate kik account today

This will just deactivate your account and so you can stay away from it.

Final steps to Delete Kik Account permanently

There have also been days for users getting bored with KIK or Finding a better app similar to Kik messenger. In this case, to delete Kik account permanently just follow the below steps.

  1. Visit on a web or mobile browser.
  2. Fill out the form details like Username, Email, and Reason for leaving KIK and tick the checkbox that states “I understand that I’m permanently deactivating my account and I won’t be able to log in again to reactivate it.”
  3. Select “GO”. Now you will get an email with a link to Permanently Deactivate the account.

Delete Kik Account permanently

Please note that deleting your account will delete all your personal data and won’t be able to restore it in any way.

FAQ’s About Deactivating Kik Account

Can you permanently delete a Kik account?

Yes, you can easily delete your Kik account permanently. However, beware that you cannot restore your Kik account once it is permanently deactivated. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to delete Kik Account today.

How do I delete my Kik account 2020?

1) Visit on a web or mobile browser.
2) Fill out the form details like Username, Email, and Reason for leaving KIK and tick the checkbox that states “I understand that I'm permanently deactivating my account and I won't be able to log in again to reactivate it.”
3) Select “GO”.
4) Now you will get an email with a link to Permanently Deactivate the account.

What happens when you deactivate Kik account?

You no longer shall have access to that account or any messages/media files shared over the messenger in the past unless you have backed up your data in prior.

How to Delete Kik account?

You can delete your Kik account permanently or deactivate your Kik account temporarily. Here is a guide to delete your account permanently
1) Visit on a web or mobile browser.
2) Fill out the form details like Username, Email, and Reason for leaving KIK and tick the checkbox that states “I understand that I'm permanently deactivating my account and I won't be able to log in again to reactivate it.”
3) Select “GO”.
4) Now you will get an email with a link to Permanently Deactivate the account.

Does deleting a chat on Kik delete it for the other person?

As all the messages sent over Kik are stored on the local devices hence deleting messages on your device will not delete the chat on the other person's device.

Can you recover a permanently deleted Kik account?

In simple words - No, you cannot recover a Kik account once you are deleted it permanently. However, you can always create a new account and start using Kik messenger services.


This is the overall process and it needs 5 min of your time to delete the Kik Messenger Permanently. Before doing this thing make sure that backup all the necessary things like Images, Videos, etc. I hope you understood this guide on how to delete Kik account on your phone.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to comment below.

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