How To Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage Problem Easily Service Local System

How To Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage Problem Easily

Prudhvi RajkumarLast Updated On: March 7, 2020

Fix Service Host Local System – Quite a lot of people have suffered from an error when 95% of the CPU/disk has been consumed by theĀ service host local system. This problem generally arises in Windows 8 system. The problem is absolutely ambiguous and there is no particular reason why things are becoming worse and for what reason memory leak is taking place.

Service Host Local System High Disk Usage Problem


What is it Service host local system error? What is service host network restricted?

The process basically ends up slowing your device and makes it difficult to operate in a General Parlance. No matter whether you have a huge amount of RAM, fastest CPU or higher disk memory, the problem Would Still make it difficult for your laptop to work.

Fortunately, there are few solutions that can repair the service host local system high disk in just a few steps –

Repair corrupt system files

The first step to be taken is by running reimage plus for restoring the corrupt and missing files. The software would scan everything on your laptop and ensure that no problem arises when you are migrating towards the below-mentioned solution.

Solution 1: untick SuperFetch service

  • Click up on Windows logo key + r. this will open Run
  • on the box, write services.MSc And press enter Run Command Operation
  • Check out the list of services available on your laptop and locate SuperFetch
  • Double click on the icon and press the stop option to cease the service right away. Option Selection
  • Try setting up startup type
  • Click on apply changes and finally press ok.
  • Restart your system to check whether the problem is encountered or not.

Solution 2: Addressing the memory leak upon the nonpaged pool of memory

Exceptionally if solution one does not work, you can move on to the next solution that may relieve you a bit.

  • Select Windows logo +r
  • Type “regedit” on the empty box How To Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage Problem Easily regedit
  • Now navigate yourself to the registry editor
  • Subordinate Li, click a. Services on the left-hand side panel and choose ndu
  • Later on, check out the right-hand side panel and double click on the registry value titled start for modification
  • Alter the data value to 4
  • Press ok and shut down the registry editor.
  • Like always, restart your laptop and you would see it booting up. the process would resolve the service host local system network restricted 10 problem right on the spot.

Solution 3: system file checker Run

  • Open the start menu of your laptop and simply type CMD
  • A prompt would appear on which right click has to be done.Open Command Prompt
  • press upon run as administrator option and accept whatever prompt comes up.
  • Within the command prompt, write sfc/scannow and simply hit enter Entering Command
  • the scan would successfully get completed and fix up the problem as well. Any corrupt file will be automatically repaired
  • Enter dism/clean-up image/restore health. Soon after the command is executed, any kind of extra load on your memory and CPU will get over.

Solution 4: encountering Svc host

Encountering the service host process within the Task Manager option is also a good way to address the problem. However, you have to immediately download the pending updates through a reliable Wi-Fi/internet connection.

  • Hit upon ctrl + shift + del for launching the Windows Task Manager on your screen. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Taskbar for selecting the task manager through a mouse.
  • Later on, click on it so that More details on expanding the manager are visible. It reveals the process that is currently running up on your computer.
  • Search for service host local system network restricted. This particular host is responsible for windows update and orchestrator service. Task Manager Processes
  • Now send it to the task and press end start to finish it up.
  • After the confirmation dialogue pops up on your screen; check out the abandoned unsaved data and shutdown option.
  • Choose shutdown
  • Analyze the CPU load and make sure that the problem has been resolved.

The service host local system high network usage error can sip all your laptop resources for no particular reason. Even if your laptop is highly powerful, the very overwhelming error would decrease its workability and extract all the empty space of your device.

Check out whether –

  • you have initiated any recent Windows update
  • Installed any random antivirus program
  • Made software changes

Solution 5: clear away junk files and check out the partition

If you have been recently facing the service host local system error, probably this can be the reason. Let’s find out how it works in detail –

  • Install easeUS partition master buy downloading and installing it on the internet
  • Subordinate Li, right click upon the system drive and other partitions for checking out whether there are any corrupted files available. Lookup for the check partition option in the software.
  • Check partition properties – call Windows chkdsk to fix error – surface test to fix file system and hit ok
  • The partition master would spontaneously look up for the corrupted files and administer the entire process on its own.
  • Channelized towards clean up and Optimization – junk file cleaner – analyze
  • Select junk files and delete them right away

Reboot your system and find out service host local system high CPU windows 10 is normal or not.


The above-mentioned solutions can at least address the problem on the temporary or permanent basis. Also, they would help you to enhance the device performance considerable.

As a matter of fact, service host refers to a common service host provider which runs multiple Systems on it. So it is impossible to get absolutely rid of it. But you can do something about it by installing background intelligent transfer service.

Doing this would automatically update all the pending software and also look after the unused band was. It has nothing to do with your foreground applications.In other words, everything will be smoother and faster.

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