Fix Google Play Services Update Error 501 Permanently

How To Fix Google Play Services Update Error 501 Permanently

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: January 22, 2024

Fix Google Play Services Update Error – Google Play services have stopped working is one of the most common errors that occur in the middle of nowhere for Android users. For the users who have Hindi got tired of facing the same error repeatedly can now configure a solution for it in this article. Just because you are operating few things simultaneously on your device, the Google Play services can stop working without giving any particular reason.

Fix Google Play Services Update Error 501 Permanently

Popping up of unfortunateĀ Google Play services error can make you panic. Simply visiting the smartphone settings is not the way to resolve this problem. It can be an outcome of your previous actions which you are absolutely unaware of. So let’s know what are the causes of this google play error.


Why does Google Play Services Update Error occur? Google Play Services Has Stopped

More than an error message, Google Play services has stopped working is an outcome when a particular process gets failed in google play. The major effect is data loss and memory consumption. It increases the cache memory.

The moment internet connectivity is lost; you can see the error popping on your screen. However, that’s not the only reason for invoking error. We will try to discuss those multiple reasons along with their solutions in this article. You could have faced this asĀ google play services has stopped lollipop as well.

The data transmission Technology generally has an impact on the Android operating system. You can always try out all or any of the below-mentioned methods to fix Google Play services update error

Method 1 – Clear Cache

Google Play services keeps stopping until and unless you keep your cache empty. In fact, you can receive the same error in any of your application if your cache memory is full. In order to clear the cache memory-

Clear Cache

  • Visit settings – storage – cache memory and clear all.
  • After the cache memory is successfully emptied, you can restart your device in order to fix up the Google play error.

Method 2 – Alter application preferences

  • Go to Google Play services settings – Application Manager – all – more- reset application preferences-initiate the changes
  • The app preferences can set you free from the disturbing Google Play error message.

Method 3 – Update the app

One of the main reasons to find Google Play services pop up is because of outdated Google Play services app. The Google Play services keep stopping if you do not keep it updated. So the best is to visit Play Store and upgrade the application by opening Play Store on your device. Soon after it has been updated, your device would never show this irritating pop up again and google play services error fix will be done.

Method 4 – Resetting your time and date

If your sim card is not providing Automatic time and date update, you need to manually input correct time on your device. The incorrect date and time settings can never let you access any application besides receiving the Google Play services update error 501.

Resetting your time and date

  • Visit settings
  • Check-out date and time
  • Press- automatic date and time provided by the network to receive the correct settings.

Method 5 -Re-add Google account again

Facing the error uncountable Times can be because of improper account information. Select settings – find accounts – update information.

Delete the previous account and top upon add account to input the Gmail address once again. This method has helped several users to get rid of the pesky Google Play Store error.

Method 6-Factory Reset

Factory reset mode erases all the data present on your smartphone including the contacts, images and important documents. Make sure you take up a backup before initiating factory reset of your device. Exceptionally, if you have an external SD card mounted in your gadget, the data available in it shall not be affected during this process.

Factory Reset

Factory reset is the last rescue option for fixing up Google Play Store service error. In order to factory reset the device, follow these –

  • Visit settings
  • Target backup and reset option
  • press-factory reset
  • Input your screen lock
  • Wait for few seconds for the data to get erased

While the factory reset process is on, it may take a couple of minutes for the device to restart. Do not go for factory reset option if you have fear of losing your data.

The factory reset option would end up deleting your Google account automatically. After you switch on your device, you have to input the Google id once again. If you are not sure of the credentials, make sure you create a fresh account on your laptop and then input the relevant details.

Method 7 – Switch off and switch on your phone

Believe me, 90% of the problems in any smartphone get resolved through a simple restart. Since the smartphone is a user-friendly gadget, it is not meant to give any severe trouble. It’s a lifetime device and comes with handle solutions all the time. So if you have not initiated any process to encounter Google Play services error, the easiest one is to switch off your phone and then switch it on once again probably expecting the error to automatically evacuate.

Method 8 – Uninstall Google Play services update

Visit play store- Google Play services – uninstall. The uninstalled button would not remove Google Play services from your device. it would just uninstall the recent updates that have been taken by you. Maybe, the latest update is the main reason why you are facing this error so much. Exceptionally, updates can create happens when they are not supported by a particular operating system. Therefore, the only method is to use the previous version instead of the latest one of an application.


Google Play services error is not a rocket science to fix. It is a very common error that can occur in any of the handset irrespective of the operating system. No matter whether you have the most expensive smartphone or the most budgeted one, the error can arise anytime and anywhere. So instead of panicking, resort to the above-mentioned solutions and watch the error getting fixed.

After everything has been tried and the problem continues to occur, the best is to get the entire software of your smartphone updated. Sometimes, the operating system requires an update which is only possible through the service center of your brand. Maybe that is the last resort you can go for.

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