How To Permanently Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error error internet disconnected featured


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Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error – This is one of the most annoying things while working on the internet. This is the error message displayed on your screen while browsing through a particular website and you are restrained to have the access to the website. Or you can simply say that it restricted to visit the webpage you required. You can try again by restarting the system but this will not work. So, it is a complex situation and the frustrating as well.

How To Permanently Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error error internet disconnected

You will end up delaying your work. But every problem has a solution. This problem can also be solved but first of all, we must know the root cause of the problem. There can be a number of factors which are responsible for this situation. You can use the below-mentioned methods to resolve err_internet_disconnected android as well


Reason For ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error In Google Chrome

Mostly it is due to the Antivirus on your system. This is found to be the most common reason for the problem while surveying for this problem. Your Antivirus might be doing its duty to protect you in the world of internet with the help of Firewall settings which are the main reason for lost internet connection to prevent you to land on such website which is less secure in nature.

Another reason for err_internet_disconnected chrome may be the LAN or your Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes you experience such problem while changing the LAN and end up with a lost connection. You can also see that your caches data is also the reason for this. What you can do is to reconnect your device to the internet or another solution is you can power on off the Wi-Fi router for the effective access to the internet.

All in all the reason is that your device or system is not able to access the internet. So, be wise and make sure everything is okay on your side; I mean solve the problem if it is at your end. Try to connect your device to the internet. If the problem is in your device-system connection then it will be sorted out with on-off of the router. But if the problem is somewhere else it will take time and it has to be troubleshooting with internet service provider.

What can be the solutions to Fix Error ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED?

After going through these reasons there are many solutions for ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED error. You can try any one of these methods to solve your issue. These are time-tested techniques and will surely work for you.

Solution 1: You can opt for fixing LAN settings

Sometimes the Local Area Network setting changes automatically and leads to the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED ERROR. You can try to modify these settings and get your internet back. You have to follow some simple steps, You can go to Control Panel ( you can do this by pressing Window +X) select control panel from the list given, but this hack will work on Windows 10 version. For other Windows, you can select this from the list. Inside this Panel select the Internet Option.

In the internet, option find out the Connections link and press LAN Setting option to enter.

In LAN Settings you can uncheck each and every option and click OK each time. It will be a sure shot method. But sometimes it is not possible or the right solution then you can try next solution.

Internet options and lan settings

Solution 2: You can clear the Browsing Data

This is one of the most prominent reasons for frequent disconnection of your internet services. You have to delete them frequently for seamless access to the internet. You can see the instructions to clear the data on browsers as shown below:

Clear Browsing Data

How can you clear the data on Firefox?

You can simply press the Ctrl + Shift + Del keys through your keyboard and your job is done. By pressing these three keys simultaneously it will open a new window and choose the “Clear Now” option and get rid of the problem. Don’t forget to restart your browser after performing this exercise.

How can you clear the Browsing Data or Cache on Google Chrome?

If you are using the Chrome browser then there you will need a different task to perform. You can click on the options menu on the top right side of the browser or you can type chrome://history and click on clear browsing data option. Always Restart the browser after doing this as it will refresh your settings.

How To Permanently Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error Clear browsing data

Solution 3: You can try reinstalling your Antivirus

This is also one of the most frequent reasons for your browser being upset. As we know that Antivirus software use Firewall settings to prevent some unnecessary or less secure data to be accessed. The reason behind this can be stated that it is to protect your device. But, sometimes it can create a mess and you have to uninstall this software altogether. You can uninstall this Antivirus from Control Panel>Programs & Features> Uninstall a Program. Now recheck the internet access. If you can find it then the problem was with your antivirus. Now you can choose if you want to go for same software or want to install a new one. You can also go for a free one.

Solution 4: You can delete your Wi-Fi profiles and create the new one:

You can also reset your Wi-Fi settings by changing them completely. You can press the Window Key and X together to open the Command Prompt and choose to Run it as administrator. Another way is to click on Start button, type “cmd”, right click cmd and choose it to run as administrator.

Open Command Prompt

When you see your command prompt you can type “netsh wlan show all” (without inverted commas). Then type the below-mentioned command and delete all available Wi-Fi settings.

How To Permanently Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error netsh show all command

Netsh WLAN delete profile name= “[PROFILENAME]” where Profile name is the name of your network which is shown in CMD.

How To Permanently Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error Wifi profiles

You can try this thing for all available Wi-Fi settings to get rid of this problem. You can see the entire procedure in the picture below. Always remove the inverted commas from the name of the profile to avoid getting the command nullify.

Final Words

Hope these hacks will work well with your computer or device and you will not be facing the err_internet_disconnected on windows problem. Enjoy your browsing!

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