How To Permanently Fix DNS Lookup Failed Windows 10 In Easy Steps DNS Lookup Failed

How To Permanently Fix DNS Lookup Failed Windows 10 In Easy Steps

Rahul JhaLast Updated On: January 22, 2024

Permanently Fix DNS Lookup Failed Windows 10 – This might be a common problem most of us have faced once in a while if using Google Chrome. And the problem becomes even worse if you are using a broadband connection. Before sorting out the problem you should understand the problem itself.

DNS Lookup Failed


What is DNS?

It is basically a network service that translates the name of the website to the address of internet. This error is shown when either the connection is stopped or it is misconfigured.  Some other reasons are also listed such as Firewall prevention to access the page or server may not be responding. Today we will provide you a complete guide to solve this problem.

Methods To Fix DNS Lookup Failed In Windows 10

Although, there is not a particular method to solve it. It is just a hit and trial method and finds out what suits you the best.

Method1: Drain the DNS Cache

You will find all the stored data in cache for almost all windows or other operating system. It is stored to make an internet connection. The DNS provider always looks for essential information within this storage each time we try to make a connection.

If sometimes it doesn’t get the required data then it shows DNS error, as it is not directed to establish a connection with your system. This cache is not only required for privacy but also for some privacy implication. It has stored the relevant information from the sites you visited.

When you drain the cache information you remove all the available data from these websites. It is a simple process and can be drained using command feature and help you solve DNS lookup problem.

You can simply do this by pressing Win key +R together and afterward press cmd and hit the enter button. There will appear a black pop up window. You have to type ipconfig/flushdns in this black window and hit the enter button.


This is the simple process with which you can flush all you DNS cache files and there are high chances that your DNS failure problem might be solved.

Method 2: You can try changing the DNS Server Address

If your luck is hard on you then above said method may not work for you. You can solve this by changing your system’s DNS address. This address is automatically provided. You have to change this provided address to an open DNS address. Change this address to and You can try out this method and there are huge chances that it will work for you and fix 504 DNS lookup failed chrome.How To Permanently Fix DNS Lookup Failed Windows 10 In Easy Steps Changing DNS Server

Method 3: Try to clear Cookies and Clear the caches

There are 99% chances that above two methods will work for you to solve DNS Lookup Failed error windows 10. But, if there is a complex situation and both of them don’t work then try this one. Try to clear the cache and the browsing history of your computer. You can do so by clicking the top right option button on the browser.

Clear Browsing Data


By any of these ways, you will be able to fix DNS Lookup Failed error and the DNS server connection will serve you better for better browsing experience throughout your browsing journey. If you ever faced  Dns_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain Error then do read this article.

Thank you for reading this artilcle. Do let us know your opinion in the comment below.

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  1. Abdullah Khalil March 9, 2019

    Hi.. In your method 1 you wrote ipconig instead of ipcongfig

  2. Prudhvi Rajkumar March 9, 2019

    Hey Abdhullah, we have updated it now. Thanks for pointing it.

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