How to Delete Account Permanently In Less Than 5 Easy Steps Delete Musically Account

How to Delete Account Permanently In Less Than 5 Easy Steps

Prudhvi RajkumarLast Updated On: March 7, 2020

Delete Account – You might have created an account at the to express your creativity with the help of a video. You have also have enjoyed using your account. That might have a great experience to create a video and share it among your followers, you can also build a profile of your choice, you can like, share or follow and you can even comment or ask a question on this community platform.

Delete account permanently

But after a certain period of time, you don’t feel like using it further or you don’t want to be a part of it. Sometimes it becomes a matter of concern when an underage child makes an account and parents want to Delete Account as it is not a place for kids because content may not be appropriate for them. What can be the solution? It is to “delete your account”. But how? Here I am posting the answer

Quick Guide To Delete Account Permanently

First of all, let me tell you that officially, the company has not given the in-app option to delete account and currently working on the same. It may take quite some time to develop such feature till then being an aware person you cannot compromise on your security or privacy you can say. Of course, there is a temporary arrangement for the same.

Here we are sharing two working methods to help you to delete Musically account

Method 1: Deleting account with the help of website

  • First, you can go to the following link: This link will land you up on the parent company’s website.
    Although, this link is being provided on the website of the company to deal with the issues faced by the users. This feature is basically a support service to the people who use this app. But as the company has not developed the feature to Delete Account completely, this is a moral obligation of the company to address the issue through any of its platforms.
  • Next, you can do is to click “how can we help you” icon and select “product feedback”. Though this link is to get the feedback about the product of the company it can be used for the purpose as there is no other option available.
  • Now, select the type of device or operating system you have- iOS or Android. This is one of the compulsory steps as one operating system’s service do not support the other’s. And you have to choose the device.
  • After choosing it, you will be given a list of product in which company deals. You have to choose among them as you have to delete your account from this app.
  • Now, there will appear a list of things over which you can give feedback but none of them is your concern or none is relevant for our purpose so choose “other” as an option.
  • Good going! Now, type your email ID on which you have registered yourself on the app. And type in the description that you want to hide your account on given email. It will be appreciated if you give an honest and genuine reason for that.
  • Your job is done and company will hide your account after a short period of time.

Method 2: Single Email To The Company

Yes! This is possible. What you have to do is only open your registered e-mail and compose an e-mail by entering the subject as “request to Delete Account”. Type a valid reason in the body of the e-mail and shoot it to [email protected] straight away.

You will get an e-mail within 72 hours of making a request.

In case you have forgotten the password of your registered e-mail ID then change the email address in the app and make a request through it. The account of a minor child can be deleted by this process and it is time tested.

But somehow if this trick is not working then you have another option:

  • First, open your app and tap the gear icon and enter in “settings”.
  • Afterward, make your account invisible and also change your username to a random name. Change the privacy settings altogether. Hide your location and make it a private account.
  • Now remove the app without hesitation. As you have made your profile unrecognizable.


So these were the working methods we have for Deleting account from your device permanently. Do share this methods with your friends and help them with this solution. Let us know in the comment which method out of these 2 worked out for you. Till then take care.

Thank you 🙂

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